SYSMARK TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD is a company that specializes in green energy and the wholesale and distribution of computer, electronics, communication, medical and agriculture. Founded in 1997, we were started as an exporter/importer based whole sellers business serving the private and government sectors. In 2000, as business grew and improved as well as to catch up with the development and the changing business need, we repositioned ourselves from a merely based retail business to an integrated professional logistics and trading company.

We have successfully ventured into the import and export business with the strong support from both our esteem dealers and suppliers. We have formed a social network to reach many countries.

With over 18 years of effort and experience in innovation of green energy and also as a wholesaler and distributor, we regularly received advices and support from our clients.

SYSMARK TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD is well known in the market, industries and other international traders as a partner. We have build strong network partners and associates in UK, AMERICA, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA, MIDDLE EAST, RUSSIA, AFRICA, CHINA, HONG KONG, VIETNAM, MALAYSIA, THAILAND, INDIA, PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN, AUSTRALIA AND KOREA. Now we are expanding our product scope for many more products besides our portfolio in order to fulfill our customers demand.  

Company Vision Statement:
We believe in innovative ideas and solutions. And with this vision we have a precise concentration on Green Energy Products.

Company Mission:
Our mission is simple: “Make technology an asset for business and humanity not a liability”.

Challenge & Market:
1. Countries are facing electricity shortages problem, either they are unaffordable or too hassle to build and       maintain.
2. Fossil fuel are expensive and hazardous to our environment
3. A Plug & Play Solution for the Market at large; including Solar, Wind or Grid
4. Best solution for 3rd world countries
5. Best solution for existing Solar Plants

Our Solution:
1. Green Energy Power, preserve the safety of our environment
2. Fuel less Power
3. Saves Money
4. Very easy to Manufacture
5. Plug & Play Solution

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