Health Pen

Advanced  Technology
No side effects, no overdoses possible
The objective of the Health Pen is to relieve and process pains and physical ailments resulting in an improved health.
Use for common pains. Tooth ache, head ache, muscle-joint pains, back pains, injury pains, sprains, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain etc. You apply the Health Pen by putting the round tip of the tube on, or just above the area of pain.
You use the Health Pen between 5 and 15 minutes, a couple of times per day, depending on the pain intensity and the area on the body. Reflexology can be used for internal organs. For reference you can use the Foot and Hand Reflexology Map Guides.
What does Health Pen do?
How do I use the Health Pen?
How long do I need to use it?

Health Pen is for personal use only and cannot be use on another person. After awhile the magnetic and gravitational  field  in the pen will adjust by itself to your body. This field is different for everybody. Do not worrier in the starting when you use the pen, may be you have giddiness or headache, it will goes away when your body synchronizes with pen.
Please keep safe your Health Pen specially from the kids. It will damaged by strong magnets do not open from the case/tube. Away from the water or any kind of  liquid or heat
The Health Pen will balance pain by:
- Promoting cellular correction by re-creating balance   that   was   lost.
- Increasing   blood flow to   the   area of pain
- Healing the emotional, physical & mental reasons for the element  or the pain
Is it magic ?
The magic of the Health Pen is that its gravitational field will vibrationally synchronize with your body field and it will find and restore a balance between the magnetic fields and gravitational fields. (The essence of the Universe.)
The pen contain two fields an outer (gravitational), and inner (magnetic) and a center pin (the sun or core). The Liquid, the frequencies of the oils, Reiki and the crystals emit a element field that is the representation, or a spark of the natural state of the universe with an intention; balance. Pain is imbalance and will be balanced.
It does feel like magic!
What is Reflexology:

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet, hands and ears. Reflexology is generally relaxing and can be an effective way to alleviate stress.
The theory behind reflexology is that these areas correspond to organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied to these areas affects the organs and benefits the person's health.
Reflexology today is based on the principle that the anatomy of the body is reflected in miniature on reflex zones on the feet, hands and ears.
Stimulating or balancing a reflex triggers a response in the corresponding area of the body. Reflexology helps the Health Pen to create a healthy harmonious state within the body and triggers the body’s natural powers of self healing.
How to used the Health Pen?
Put the round tip of  the  Health Pen on the point on your hand and or foot with the help of the Reflexology Map Guide  hold the pen still, on or just above that point or massage it so softly.
Use it for 15 minutes, 3 times per day.
For your information: it is advised to keep using the diagnoses and checkups of a medical doctor when treating pain and elements. There are no approved therapeutic claims and "Sysmark Technologies Pte Ltd" will be not responsible for any misuse or any kind of change or effect to the body. Use on your own risk.
Do not use the Health Pen internally. Do not use it on the brain area of the head. Do not use your own pen on others.
Do not heat it up or use magnets in the vicinity of the  pen. Do not remove or open tube or the resin from the pen.
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